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— April 1, 2011

Don't compromise your health.
You're all you've got.

-Janis Joplin

photo of Dr. Mikhail Artamonov

Mikhail Artamonov, MD, MA

Physician, Entrepreneur

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, referred affectionately and syllable-saving as “Dr Mik” has a complex and woven background but is guided by one simple credo: the practice of good medicine. He believes that new medical technologies not only make medicine more effective but can actually make it more personal.

He is the visionary and inspiration behind Health is Everything. (But don’t mention it as he’s also quite modest.) It was his disillusion with the medical-pharma complex that attracted him to integrated medicine.

Born in Moscow, Russia, his earliest experience was as an Ob-Gyn Nursing Aide…at the age of 14. (But we suspect he was actually much younger.) Dr Mik then earned his medical degree at the prestigious 1st Moscow Medical Sechenov School.

This was just the start of his training as he then earned a Master’s in Oriental Philosophy and Linguistics at Tianjin University, China; a combined Residency in Rehabilitation, Pain and Complementary Medicine at Hannover Medical University, Germany; returned to Moscow for a PhD in Clinical Research; moved to the USA for an internship at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital; Residency Training at Temple University, Philadelphia; received a Combined Pain Fellowship at Harvard Medical School for Acute, Chronic and Cancer Pain in Adults and Children.

Dr Mik is licensed to practice in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, which makes him a great person to travel with. He claims it’s his “constant medical itch” and continuous desire to create and practice a better medicine that drives him. His daughter, Elizabeth, is his inspiration and recipient of his emotional side. In his rare off-duty moments he can still be found scratching his medical itch.

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